Natural & Organic Facial Spa Treatments Class Handout


With the Natural Spa Facial Products class handout, you will create a variety of masks, toners, exfoliants, and face cream for a variety of skin types. Students will master the art of blending healing, natural ingredients to soothe dry, oily, combination and aging skin.

This class handout is perfect for students wanting to start their own line of facial spa products, estheticians, massage therapists, and students wanting to save money by making effective facial products for personal use.

We discuss sourcing ingredients, the truth about preservatives, and more.

Students receive recipes and a list of favorite suppliers.

So forget about spending money on high-priced facial products—you'll love making your own!

Recipes are included for:
2 Clay Masks
2 Toners/Spritzers
1 Spray Cleanser

3 Exfoliants
1 Treatment Cream

Handout also includes a list of my favorite vendors which has taken me years to narrow down and compile (through many trials and errors with not-so-great companies). This list alone is well worth the $48!

The price to attend this class in my private studio is $125. You save by ordering the class handout with all information for only $48.

Purchase now by clicking on "Add to Cart." PDF version of the handout will be emailed to you within 24 hours.