Organic Body Scrub, Balm, Salve and Body Butter Handout


This is a great handout for massage therapists, spa owners, bath and body company owners, and anyone who wants to make incredibly good-for-your-body products.

This is the handout used in our live, in-person workshop and includes recipes for six formulations:

Organic Body Butters (2 recipes)

Organic Healing Balm (1 recipe)

Organic Healing Salve (1 recipe)

Organic Body Scrubs (2 recipes)

The handout guides you through formulations of each product, how to use herbs in skincare products and much more.

Each product above has a suggested retail value of $12-24. 

Class handout includes valuable information such as detailed instructions, recipes and a list of my favorite places to buy supplies and equipment.

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