"Your Divine Essence" Private Reading Session (NYC/Skype)


Your True Divine Essence is a one-on-one energy session with Marla Bosworth. In these sessions Marla connects with your higher self to align and guide you on your own spiritual journey. The session is intended to assist you on your path from life purpose to deepening your destiny journey and bringing forward truth in your true divine essence.

We all have unawakened shadow aspects that present themselves to us as challenges, experiences and/or feelings that we feel as limiting. Marla has a gift of seeing these when invited by you into your energy field. For every unawakened shadow aspect is a divine frequency key that is unique unto your soul. Together we shed energetic layers that are no longer needed so that you can move deeper into your soul purpose, your destiny.

Marla will weave a blend of your own personal energetic frequency into a bespoke perfume. You will attune your blend as yours to keep. Use your sacred frequency blend as a reminder to help keep you in alignment with your highest trajectory. Your very own bespoke, light-encoded frequency essence will arrive in a beautiful roll-on bottle. The session price includes shipping of the essence to you. (If you are outside the U.S. pricing will be additional.)

An energetic essence contains ancient wisdom coding, soul destiny wisdom and galactic star family frequencies to assist you alongside inner work that is necessary in one's spiritual awakening.

To Book: One-hour available appointments in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, New York City and via Skype or Zoom. Please process your payment and email Marla with your request for date and time. Bookings are within 48 hours. Your personal essence blend will arrive within two weeks of your session.

Energy Exchange: $233

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