Create Your Own Crystal Grids Workshop - Aug. 18


This is a small class with only 9 spots left. Sign up today!

Join Lindsay Bosworth for a hands-on create your own crystal grid workshop on the Upper West Side in New York City. In this workshop you will learn to channel light encoded crystal grids, activate them, and how to use them to transform and heal areas of resistance in your life.

Crystal grids are powerful tools used to channel in high-vibrational energies into the physical-plane. You will leave class with a clear understanding on how to harness these energies to transform your life. 

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to create multiple light encoded crystal grids for your current healing needs. Crystal grids are powerful tools that when channeled from your higher self will hold all of the wisdom needed to heal through areas of resistance and blocks stopping you from stepping into your authentic light and soul destiny.

Students can make a grid for a specific purpose such as speaking your truth, gaining back confidence, setting boundaries, self love, authenticity, supporting a new business or life change, or you can open up to your higher self and guides and ask to channel whatever grid you need at this time. It can be quite fun going into it without a clue of what you intend to create and watching a masterpiece form.

Students will learn how to tune in and listen to their own inner wisdom and intuition when working with crystals. Lindsay’s teaching style encourages students to feel their way through the creating process. She will offer guidance and hold space for students.

No prior knowledge of crystals is needed to take this workshop. Some of the most beautiful grids are made by students who have never touched a crystal before. The most important skill is to be open to letting go and feeling your way through the process and trusting yourself. 

We will begin class by setting the space with a short meditation and breathing exercise to anchor in light through a large grid and setting an intention.

There will be over 20 different types of crystals available to create with. In addition to the workshop price a $40 material fee will be due at the beginning of class to cover one grid of your creation you will take home with you ($40 value). You will have the option of purchasing additional crystal grids of your making if you feel called to do so.

Cost: $88. A $40 materials fee is due at start of class. (On average, your $40 will allow you to create two small or one medium grid.)

Date: Sunday August 18th

Time: 6 - 8 p.m.

Location: Little Shop of Crafts, 711 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY
(Corner of 94th and Amsterdam)

Bio: Lindsay Bosworth is a Lightworker and Crystal Wisdom Keeper. She activates and works with crystals in the Grand Tetons of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and where she is divinely guided to travel and teach.