NYC 1:1 Soul Illumination Session with Marla - Week of Aug. 13


1:1 Soul Illumination Session with Marla Bosworth
August 13-22 in New York City

Do you need divine guidance navigating what you are feeling to be the next part of your journey?  This may include receiving clarity on taking what feels like steps into unchartered territory. Or perhaps you are feeling like manifesting is no longer working for you, that the unexpected keeps happening over and over. I feel for some of you that now is the time to create new products, services or a brand new business, but you are having trouble "sticking it" or grounding the new.

What does a session with me feel like? We will meet in a private, peaceful setting and set the intention for divine guidance as we sit and talk together about where you need guidance. The space is set for divine wisdom to flow and I will share what comes through as your multidimensional self. We will focus first on the whys of your meeting, then expand your consiousness into new awareness and soul expansion. My goal is to have you receive important messages from your higher self as well as your spiritual guides, receive clarity of current belief patterns that are liamiting and ready to be released, and move into your heart/soul space as you remember how to guide and heal yourself.

Feel free to email me at marla@backporchsoap {dot} com with any questions and to see if a session is right for you. All consultations take place at a private location at Lincoln Center (near 66th and Broadway). It is easy to locate off the 1, 2 or 3 trains. 

Your private coaching with Marla is a 75-minute session and includes a followup email to answer any questions that may arise. All sessions are completely confidential. Currently there are both morning, afternoon and evening availability.

Biography: Marla Bosworth is an energy healer, trained Reiki Master, intuitive and soul coach. She is known in the indie beauty business for product formulation workshops in New York City, online classes and consulting. She launched her business, Back Porch Soap Company in 1998. She lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Otherwise choose "Add to Cart" and check out. Marla will email and arrange a convenient time for you to meet in NYC.