Learn to Make Cold Process Soap, An Intensive Workshop - Sept 15


This is a 3-hour, intensive workshop where we will make two batches of soap. You'll take home 12 bars (a retail value of more than $72)!
I'm a master soapmaker and have been making and selling soap for 20 years. The alchemical process of soapmaking never ceases to amaze me. I'm looking forward to sharing what I have learned (much through trial and error over the past two decades!) with you. This workshop is intended for students who wish to learn how to make cold process soap for personal use or to sell. No experience is required.

I hope you'll join me for this magical workshop.
~Marla Bosworth

Come learn how to formulate soap recipes, blending essential oils to achieve long-lasting scents, how to use colorants, molds to use, cutters, pricing tips and much more. 

We'll make two batches together as a class. Each student will receive hands-on experience, an information-packed class handout with instructions, recipes and valuable supplier list.

You will learn safety guidelines and reach a level of comfort to make soap at home. We'll discuss how to formulate your own recipes, properly use and store lye (yes, you must use lye to make soap!), mixing lye and water, oils for soap making, fragrance oils vs. essential oils, superfatting, additives and exfoliants, coloring, molding and curing. 

Each student will take home a total of 12 bars of soap (six bars from each batch) made in class.

Marla will provide everything you need in class. Just bring yourself, a notebook, pen and a cell phone to take pictures of the soapmaking process if you are a visual learner. Feel free to bring snacks and a drink. Please note that we cannot have any children or pets at the workshop.

Date: Saturday, September 15

Time: 10 - 1 p.m.

Age Requirement: 18+

Course Fee: $168 early-bird fee covers applies workshop, materials, supplies, ingredients and a valuable handout with recipes, formulation tips, instructions and a list of our favorite suppliers. $198 regular rate.

Class Location:
This class is being held in Wilson, Wyoming at American Wilderness Botanicals. It is located at 6200 Heck of a Hill Road, Wilson. For directions, please click here.

How to Contact Marla:
Feel free to call or text me at 781-934-8100 if need help finding the venue, or if you have any questions regarding the workshop.

Note: All classes must be prepaid in full. You will receive a confirmation email receipt.

Please note that we do not offer any refunds nor credits if you need to cancel your attendance. If you would like to send someone else in attendance, please let us know as soon as possible.

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