ONLINE: Bestselling Herbal Body Butters, Balms & Salves


Ready to get started selling bath and body products or looking for new products to add to an existing line? These are some of the most high-margin, low labor, popular and loved products by our customers! Learn how to infuse herbs and wildcrafted plants to incorporate into skincare products. You'll receive a valuable class handout, recipes that are made in class: body butter, balms, lip balms and salves. This 2.5 hour, online class is taught by 20-year indie beauty cosmetic formulator, Marla Bosworth. Students will learn to customize their own herbal skincare products: body butters, balms/lip balms and salves. We will be using natural ingredients including botanicals, organic butters, plant oils and essential oils. 

Marla will share some of her best-selling recipes that she uses so you too can quickly and easily get started making and selling products that your customers will love. These yummy body treatments also make wonderful holiday gifts. You'll receive recipes to easily make more at home. 

This online class is unlike any other as we will discuss making products, but also labeling, packaging and selling advice from a 20-year seasoned beauty skincare company owner. One of the reasons Marla started teaching skincare formulation classes is to empower others to make their own products for themselves or to start their own skincare line. She will be teaching you how to make products that she has personally sold, and watched customers in her store and at craft fairs buy over and over again.

You'll gain knowledge on:

  • How to Make Healing Herbal Infusions
  • A Deeper Understanding of How to Choose Plant Oils
  • What to Consider When Purchasing Plant Oils and Butters
  • Which Waxes To Consider
  • How to Keep Your Butters from Becoming Grainy
  • What Sizes and Packaging Customers Prefer
  • What Scents Have Been Our Bestsellers
  • How to Scale (Increase) Your Batch Sizes
  • How to Price These Products
  • Recommendations for Suppliers of High Quality Herbs
  • Recommended Reading for Deeper Herbal Education
  • How to Customize Each Product We Make In Class
  • Body Butter Recipe and Tips
  • Body and Lip Balm Recipe and Tips
  • Salve Recipe and Tips
  • Time for Q&A

This class is intended for anyone regardless of skincare formulating experience. It is perfect for prospective or current indie beauty business entrepreneurs, massage therapists, spa owners and anyone who wants to make incredibly good-for-your-body products. No prior experience is necessary. You'll love the price markup on these products if you make natural skincare to sell. If you don't have a business, you'll love the money saving benefit of making your own bodycare products. 

Marla covers the essentials of formulating these anhydrous (water-free) products as well as the healing properties of many plant oils, herbs and other botanicals. As a class we'll make a batch of luscious body butters - whipped up nice and light! Body butters are wonderful treatments for dry hands, treatment areas such as elbows and feet, as well as . They are made differently than creams and lotions and do not contain water, instead only skin-loving butters and nutrient-rich plant oils.

Marla will demonstrate making all the products over the course of the class:

Herbal Whipped Body Butter
Herbal Body Balm
Herbal Lip Balms
Herbal Salves

This class is open to beginner through advanced. Students will receive a class handout that includes instructions, recipes and a valuable list of Marla's favorite places to buy supplies and equipment.

Date: Anytime!

Class Location: Online. You will receive a link via email from Marla to attend the class. Depending on time of day and day of week, it may take us a few hours to send you the link. We email you personally, as this is not an automated service. Thank you for your patience! If you have a Gmail account, it will send email confirmations and class link to your spam/junk folder. 

Course Investment: $24

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Refund and Return Policy: Due to the non-returnable nature of Virtual Classes and Recorded Online Learning Workshops, they are non-refundable. We welcome your feedback and are always open to hearing your suggestions and answering any questions. Email is the best way to reach us.

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