Sacred Circle: Truth of Your Soul's Essence - Nov. 11


Join me for an evening of embracing your truths - what it feels like to know truth, hold space for truth without judgement, and always seeking truth on your path. Come, shine light on the truths in your life. Be ready to transform through the imagery of fire. What needs to fall away that you are clutching so tightly? What is seen and unseen in your energy that needs releasing for you to step into your authenticity and transparency? What stories or beliefs that you have created are ready to be transformed in divine truth?

My spiritual guides have named this class "The Truth of Soul Essence."  Can you feel the powerful intention that has already been set for us to gather? You may know if you feel called to attend just by feeling into the energy this space holds.

This is important work that needs to be done by each of us, and I honor your space at the table as we gather for this sacred soul circle to support one another. November 11 (11:11) is a powerful energetic gateway that is aligned with the 10:10 and 9:9 and 8:8 energies of these last three months. So much change is happening within us. It can feel confusing and unsettling at times.

The stage is being set for what you will manifest for yourself in the new year of 2019.
We are in an important threshold of moving out of the shadow energies that have emerged with us as we have "emerged from the cocoon" last year. To move through these shadows is to see them for what they are, and how they are in many ways limiting our power. We are being shown right now that to step into our divine, authentic power and masteries, we must drop all illusions of doubt, restrictiveness and excuses. In many ways, we are like caged birds with the door wide open, but unable to fly out of the safety of comfort.

Divine power awaits through acceptance of who we are, respecting the experiences we have called into play out in our lives, and moving through the wisdom to release the stories and struggles we have created to keep us small. As we gather in numbers, in our sacred circle, we support each other with trusting our own intuition as it leads us on our journey.

Please show up in a "not knowing" heartspace, ready to receive, and open to seeing your own truth. Only share what you feel called or comfortably sharing. Be open to feeling/hearing/seeing what is needed for your own personal transformation. This is a safe, supportive sacred space. See yourself in others. Learn to love where you are.

~Marla Bosworth

Many lightworkers, healers, wayshowers are going through what feels like scattered chaos right now. Chaos before expansion and embodiment. The intention for this class is to shed light on where you are in your personal journey, why you are attracting your experiences, and gathering with others to see the connectedness and oneness of us all. Get out of separation. Where are journeys may be different, we share many similar themes.

Marla will share what her spiritual guides are saying about the current energetic landscape and pulse of where we all are residing. She will share about what has been showing up in her experiences and how she is choosing to see what is being revealed so that it may help you see beyond your own resistances and into your truth.

This class is for anyone who feels called to deepen their presence of personal healing, energy and sacred space.

This is a  small, intimate class of 10. The image of fire is to set the space of transformation. Since this class is held inside we will not be having a physical fire, but instead an energetic one. We will be sitting around a table. Feel free to bring a blanket, pillow, warm tea or water and dress comfortably.

Marla creates highly experential workshops - a holistic perspective of learning by transforming new information. If you've ever attended any of her classes you know the energy brings forth is supportive and non-judgemental. One of her gifts is to connect to your higher soul and the messages that want to come through. Marla is a spiritual soul coach based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Date: Sunday, November 11

Time: 6 - 8:30 p.m.

Class Cost: $55

Class Location:
Little Shop of Crafts (private studio within the store)
711 Amsterdam Ave. at 94th Street, New York City
If you have questions please contact Marla Bosworth (not the venue).

Note: All classes must be prepaid in full. Due to venue rental contracts and Marla's travel and accommodation commitments, we do not offer refunds nor credits on classes missed. If you would like to send someone in your place, please let us know 24 hours prior to class.

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