Natural Soy and Coconut Wax Candle Workshop - March 22


This workshop fills up quickly - only 2 spots left!

This course is Organic * Cruelty-Free * Uses Essential Oils

Beginner through Advanced Intermediate Class

Natural wax candles are a wonderful addition to any indie beauty line or as a launch product. As you know, they add incredible warmth, fragrance and charm to any environment. In this workshop you will learn how to create candles in various sizes and containers. If you are interested in making candles for gifts or favors, this class is for you too!

Join green beauty cosmetic scientist, Marla Bosworth, and learn what it takes to formulate your own vegetable wax candles and massage/lotion candles (which are a great spa treatment). 

This event is intended for entrepreneurs who are looking to launch a candle line or need to improve their existing candles. We will be pouring two candles (one soy, one coconut) as a class for you to take home and burn. This way you can determine which wax you prefer to work with going forward.

Please note that we will be making each candle batch as a group (melting the wax, adding additives and essential oils). Students will pour their own candles from the batch. Although many students who want to learn to make candles as a craft enjoy our workshop, this is not a design-your-own candle class.

The majority of class is spent discussing important topics such as choosing waxes, how to determine which wicks to use, colorants, additives, liability, pricing, containers, and important labeling requirements.

Much thought and consideration should go into developing a line of candles. Marla has been manufacturing and selling candles for 20 years. She will share with you her knowledge of that extends beyond just "here's how to make a candle." Students will learn how to choose from all the available waxes on the market along with testing for the wick that works with your wax and container size. After this workshop you'll know how to make candles that burn safely. You'll also have all the information you need to starting making your own products to sell. 

This class is perfect for newbies, spa owners, estheticians, green beauty entrepreneurs, massage therapist and for those who are currently making candles, but unsure if they are making them properly or need to troubleshoot wicks, candle burn, etc.

Students will learn how work with different vegetable-based waxes. We will discuss variations of waxes, including coconut, apricot and soy. They are all-natural and easy to use once you understand its preferred temperatures, wick recommendations and other tips that Marla will provide in the workshop. She will also lend her expertise in blending essential oils that provide a beautiful "throw" and aroma.

You'll receive an information-packed class handout with detailed instructions, formulas, formulating guidelines and a valuable supplier list that is worth the class alone.

Students will also learn:

  • How to choose quality waxes and where to buy
  • How to SAFELY use essential oils in candles
  • Wick variations and how to determine which work best
  • Beautiful containers and where to buy
  • Safe colorants
  • How to test for safety, proper burn and "throw"
  • Whether you need liability insurance and where to buy
  • Requirements for selling
  • Troubleshooting
  • Pricing for retail and wholesale customers
  • And much more.

We will make two candles as a class. You will take home:

  • Coconut Wax Candle with Essential Oils
  • Soy Wax Candle with Essential Oils

This is a hands-on class. If you have an existing beauty business, or are launching one, you'll love how these candles easily cross-sell with the rest of your line. You will also appreciate their markup value.

Date: Friday, March 22

Time: 6 - 9 p.m.

Course Fee:  $188 class fee includes materials, supplies, ingredients and a valuable handout with recipes, formulation tips, instructions and a list of our favorite suppliers. 

Class Location:
Little Shop of Crafts
711 Amsterdam Ave. at 94th Street, New York City
If you have questions please contact us.

Note: All classes must be prepaid in full. Due to venue rental contracts and Marla's travel and accommodation commitments, we do not offer refunds, transfers nor credits on missed classes. If you would like to send someone in your place, please let us know 24 hours prior to class.

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