NYC In-Person Indie Beauty Business Coaching Session


Do you know if your energy in alignment with your business? Do you feel you may have blockages to abundance, creativity and or joy? Need help manifesting? Are there shifts you are being called to make and you would like to know the deeper meaning within them? These are just some of the examples of situations that are arising for conscious entrepreneurs. 

With 21 years of indie beauty business experience and 30 years as a market research and retail expert, Marla Bosworth is at your service for private energy healing and business coaching and consulting in New York City. Marla is known in the beauty industry for visionary consulting for soapmakers and beauty product entrepreneurs. 

This is perfect for the entrepreneur looking to develop their own line as well as for seasoned beauty businesses to step up production, add new products, or gather at a retreat location to building their business strategy.

Together we will custom-tailor the time to fit your needs in this session.

In a one-hour session we can tackle the energetics side of your business and the practical side, which can include growth strategies and directions, marketing, private labeling, wholesaling, retailing, selling online, finding your niche, setting up a retail store and more. 

Students have traveled worldwide from Ghana, South Africa, Germany, Chile, Guatemala, Ireland, Venezuela, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos, Israel, Columbia, Ireland, Spain & from around the United States to participate in our programs. Marla is well-known in the indie beauty industry and has spoken numerous times at the Handcrafted Soapmakers and Cosmetics Guild Conference.

Current one-hour sessions available from March 21-27. Please contact me to arrange a convenient time for you.

Private sessions are held in the Upper West Side, Lincoln Center, at 66th and Broadway. Address will be shared upon signup.

I look forward to working with you!
~Marla Bosworth