Alchemist Within: Grand Tetons & Jackson Hole - May 4-5, 2019


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Come explore, connect and deepen your awareness with nature wisdom in this powerful, immersive workshop in the Grand Tetons. Located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Grand Tetons rise high above the valley floor. Their energy is a mirror unto our soul. How will you respond to their overflowing energy of compassion, love and divinity? In what way can you feel yourself transform during your experience here?  How will this powerful expansion of your energy create a ripple through you long after you return home? 

This two-day workshop students will learn how to expand into stillness with nature to receive wisdom, coding, frequencies and sacred geometry and how to then transfer those energies into whatever you choose to create. For this weekend, our creative palette will be journaling the experience and in afternoon sessions Marla will guide you in creating your own alchemical blends of natural essences. What one learns this weekend can be applied to a myriad of creations, including (but not limited to) handicraft makers, culinary artists, farmers, photographers, artists of all kinds, energyworkers and wayshowers, and anyone interested in transferring and weaving energy. No prior experience is necessary for any part of this weekend.

Our time in nature will be spent noticing, deepening our awareness, being in the presence of nature and connecting through sacred honoring of this breathtaking sanctuary. 

Join a small group of like-minded people as you learn and experience alchemy. Marla Bosworth will guide you to some of the most dearly beloved places in the Grand Tetons. Here you will feel the energy of nature spirit elders, including Sagebrush, Blue Spruce, White Willow, Lodgepole Pine, the Gros Ventre River and Mountains, the Snake River and the essence of the Grand Tetons. There will be many other nature spirits who will want to be noticed to the group and some that will want to connect with only you. You will learn to become aware of their calling to you. Along the way we may meet Elk, Bison, Deer and Moose with messages for individuals and the group as a collective. Learn to listen and receive guidance that will stay with you on your journey long after you return home.

Students will have time to experience, sketch, write field notes and journal during our daily outings. We will sustainably wildcraft botanicals on private land, bringing what we carefully gather back to the kitchen so that you can create your own alchemy blends.

Morning Pickup in Jackson
Welcome and Introductions
Blessing of the Land:
Softening and Humbling to Become the Grateful Receiver

Morning Receiving Session: We will open and attune to nature wisdom through stillness and beingness. Soften and become the observer as you see/hear/smell/touch frequencies to work with later in the afternoon. Experience Grand Tetons and deepen your overall connection to nature, spirits and the elementals. Harvest wildcrafts for afternoon alchemy creative session.
Afternoon Creating Sessions:
Earth + Air
Create and activate your very own bespoke roll-on natural perfume essence with wildcrafted botanicals, essential oils and alchemy. You will have time to incorporate your personal experience of nature wisdom and energy into your perfume.
Fire + Air
Next, students will create a personalized candle using wildcrafts and essential oils as alchemists. The candle represents fire and air elements, and is to be burned once you return home. You will place your own intention in the candle and when you burn it at home it will anchor the wisdom from your journey to the Grand Tetons.
Short trip back to town of Jackson. Return to hotel.
Dinner on your own.

Morning Pickup in Jackson
Morning Receiving Session
Blessing of the Rivers
Connecting to the waters of Grand Teton: the Snake River and the Gros Ventre. What do you feel? What do you observe? We'll spend time with the rivers and notice the difference in energies. Journal and creative time as you draw, write and gather for the afternoon session. 
Group and Individual Photos
Afternoon Creating Session
Water + Air
Create and activate your very own alchemical essence spray using sacred water we collected earlier in the day. You will have time to incorporate your personal experience of nature wisdom and energy into your spray.
Earth + Water
Create your own sacred medicine pouch with plants that you connected with during your experiences in Grand Teton. 
Closing Ceremony: Blessing of the Grand Tetons. Blessing of the Medicine Pouches and alchemy products.
Short trip back to town of Jackson. Return to hotel.
Dinner on your own.

Date: May 4 - 5

Time: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Course Fee:  $998 early-bird price until Aprl 15. Regular rate of $1298 thereafter. Workshop fee includes instruction throughout the weekend, lunch both days, transportation to wildcrafting journeys and medicine pouch. Two-part payment plan is available. Please contact us for more info.

Students are responsible for airfare, other modes of transportation and hotel accommodations. We are happy to recommend hotels in the area. Jackson Hole (JAC) is the closest airport. Other options are Idaho Falls, ID (2 hours away), Salt Lake City (5 hours), Bozeman, MT (5 hours). If you are flying directly into Jackson you still may want to consider renting a car to be able to explore the area on  your free time. Many hotels offer free airport shuttles. We also have Lyft/Uber and taxi services in the valley.

We will provide hotel pickup in the town of Jackson each morning. A detailed list of what to pack will be emailed upon registration.

Class Location:
Jackson Hole and Grand Tetons.
Alchemy experiences will be held in Marla's home, 15 minutes north of Jackson.
Address will be given upon registration.
Please advise us of any food restrictions or allergies.

Added Experiences, Extended Stays
We have options for extending your stay in Jackson and adding a few hours, half day or full day of coaching and/or healing work with Marla. Please email Marla for more information.

Note: We do not offer refunds, transfers nor credits on cancelled workshops. It is recommended that you purchase trip insurance for unexpected changes. 

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