"Essence of the Soul" Natural Perfumery Session with Marla


Essence of Your Soul is an online master alchemy session with Marla Bosworth where you will design your own high vibrational, light-encoded frequency essence. Your one-of-a-kind essence is created with sacred essential oils that is yours to use on your spiritual journey. Choose to receive your essence in the form of a soul frequency perfume.

In this live onine session, Marla connects with your higher self to align and guide you on your own spiritual journey. The session deepens your destiny experience and brings forth your own integrity and truth through your true divine essence. If requested, the Zoom session can be recorded and emailed to the recipient.

Marla creates the sacred space to call in your higher self to align and guide you on your own spiritual journey. You will be guided to connect to your divine frequency key codes that are unique to your own soul. Marla will guide you through blend your own personal energetic frequency into a bespoke perfume. You will attune your blend as yours to keep.

An energetic essence contains ancient wisdom coding, sacred geometry, soul destiny wisdom and galactic star family frequencies to assist you as you feel called to use it.

To Book: 60-minute sessions are available via Zoom. Please process your payment and Marla will email you with a request for date and time that works for your schedule. For U.S. residents, your personal essence blend will arrive in the mail within a week of your session. For international customers, shipping is additional and will arrive in accordance with chosen shipping method.

Price: $198 and includes essential oil essence blend. Clients have the option of adding an additional soul essence meditation + clearing spray for $58. 

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