"Essence of Your Soul" Indie Beauty Immersive NYC - May 6-10


"The time to be seen as The True Essence of Your Soul is NOW."
~Marla Bosworth

Does this resonate and feel in alignment with where you are on your own spiritual path? Are you feeling this call but unsure of the next steps to take? Do you feel that you are here at this time to be a part of something greater than yourself? Do you need guidance in bringing into reality?

Exciting energetic shifts are happening and if you have been guided to reading this you most likely are already feel it. We are in the midst of vast,  powerful changes on our planet. The new indie beauty world is on the crest of exciting changes. We are becoming ambassadors of love and light through conscious creating of products and services.

If you are sensitive to energy you are noticing and feeling this too. We are moving into a new world of beauty beyond flat 3D and 4D intentions into the embodiment of awakening. This is where your integrity in your thoughts, words, and actions turn into your manifestations. The old 3D/4D ways of doing things through the mind no longer work for those of you who are awakening. We are beyond linear-based goals and have moved into an expansiveness that is manifesting through every NOW moment. As such, all changes. Come learn how this is opening up excting opportunites for wayshowers, lightworkers from all walks of life. 

We are being called to go deeper with our energy and spiritual work as a collective, as humanity and through our businesses, our brands. Everything is changing. It is no longer about egoic, standalone brands. Conscious beauty extends beyond a company offering organic ingredients and practicing sustainability. True conscious beauty is filled with the endless possibilities, including light codes, frequencies, sacred geometry and your own divine cosmic blueprint. 

Come join this immersive, five-evening training program in New York City on May 6-10. You will create through your higher consciousness in areas of soapmaking, candlemaking, skincare products, essential oil blending, manifesting, destiny and business growth opportunities and more. The program includes a private one-on-one coaching session with Marla Bosworth.

There are no prerequisites to attend this intensive. No experience is necessary. You have all within ou from this lifetime and past lives to step into your divine power.

Classes are held from 6-9 p.m. on the Upper West Side. A detailed list of classes are posted on the May 2019 page of our website.

You will receive training from Marla. She is an ascension guide, light code activator, energy transmuter, spiritual intuitive, wisdom keeper and earthwalker. She lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and has been teaching highly experiential indie beauty workshops in New York City for more than a decade.

Marla is also cosmetic chemist who loves sharing her passion for organic skincare formulation and entrepreneurship. With a background as a market research analyst for Forrester Research in Boston, she has an uncanny eye for the beauty and skincare market. She shares her 30 years of retail, market research, and entrepreneurial and business experience, combined with her own spiritual awakening coaching.

All workshops taught by Marla use all-natural and organic ingredients and essential oils. This investment in yourself and your beauty business will save you start-up time, help you find your niche, target market and save money by avoiding mistakes that Marla will share personally with you during the five courses.

Students have traveled from around the world to take our courses. Some of the countries our students are from include Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, Germany, Turkey, Chile, Kuwait, Guatemala, Ireland, Venezuela, Jamaica, throughout the Caribbean, Israel as well as from all over the United States.

Enroll by clicking on "Add to Cart" and follow the checkout prompts thorugh Paypal or credit card processing. Marla is excited and honored to meet you in New York City.

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