Soap, Candle + Scent Bar Corporate Teambuilding & Events NYC


Our on-site and off-site candlemaking and soapmaking adult group activities in the Upper West Side of New York City are perfect for a fun party idea, outing, corporate party, or for brands, teams and businesses who are in search of memorable experiences for their guests. If you are an event planner we would love to work with you. Or if you have been assigned by your company to plan your own event, we welcome the opportunity to create with you.

Each event planning we create with our clients is unique. Whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind summer, winter, holiday or othertime fun and cool activity, Marla Bosworth will custom-tailor the event to match what you have in mind for your team or clients. Marla is passionate about creating custom events that combine aromatherapy, scent bar blending, candlemaking or soapmaking for groups of all sizes. We also provide entertaining team-building experiences for employees.

Recent bookings include a private on-site design-your-own espresso-candle event for Dunkin Donuts and Buzzfeed, private soapmaking for teachers from a NYC private academy, team-building events for Fortune 100 brands, a full-day teambuilding for General Electric and more.

Prices begin at $38 for a two-hour, on-site event with a minimum of 50 attendees. Each attendee will make their very own custom (2) candles, choosing their own natural scents, color and optional botanicals or crystals. Please email us for a quote if your group is smaller than 50. Events take place on the Upper West Side in New York City. For an additional per person fee and nominal travel fee we can host off-site at your location in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, New Jersey, Connecticut. Please inquire for package details and options.

We are also developing programs for wellness retreats and conscious creative events worldwide. Marla has 21 years of soapmaking, candlemaking, natural perfume blending, aromatherapy, herbalism and and plant-based skincare formulating experience to share with your group.

Please email so we can begin creating a special event. I look forward to working with you!
~Marla Bosworth