ONLINE: Plant-based, Anti-aging Beauty Products


Learn at your own pace in this 3.5-hour recorded webinar where you will gain knowledge on how to make your very own highly effective, plant-based, anti-aging beauty products. In this class we look at natural, organic ingredients that brighten the skin, rejuvenate, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, dullness, oiliness, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, loss of firmness, elasticity and more.

Have you been disappointed with results and ingredients in overpriced antiaging skincare products? In this educational, class you will learn how to make your own plant-based, spa-quality, anti-aging skincare products. Join Marla Bosworth in her kitchen where she will share natural and effective ingredients including the best herbs, plant oils, essential oils and other botanical ingredients. She will also explain easy formulation guidelines. By the end of class you will be on your way to making your own skincare products at home to keep your face looking young and revitalized.

They are also amazing for personal use for yourself, friends and family members. These face treatments make an excellent addition to an indie beauty product line.

No prior experience is necessary. This class is taught by Back Porch Soap Company founder, Marla Bosworth. She has been formulating natural skincare products for 22 years. Marla is known for her clear, concise communication and simple instruction as well as her patience and compassion for those on the cosmetic formulation learning path.  This class is intended for beginner through advanced. Marla has been teaching 15,000+ indie beauty entrepreneurs how to formulate natural skincare products, soaps and candles since 1998.

This is a plant-based, natural skincare class with products specifically formulated for the face.
Learn how to create new recipes for various skin types. This class is intended for beginners through advanced students.

  • Learn to make powerful skincare treatments for the face.
  • We'll use natural and organic ingredients.
  • Where to purchase ingredients and supplies.
  • How to effectively preserve, and the most natural choices.
  • This is a hands-on class or you can choose to watch.
  • We'll discuss theory of each formula first, then make the product.
  • Learn which essential oils are recommended and their usage rates.
  • How to package, label and sell.

We will cover the essentials of formulating the products made in class, and options for tweaking the formulas to suit your very own skincare needs. Students will learn where to purchase anti-aging, natural ingredients as well as the healing properties of plant oils, herbs and other botanicals.  You'll love the price markup on these products if you make natural skincare to sell. If you don't have a business, you'll love the money saving benefit of making your own face products.

We'll be making distinctively different formulations:

  • Hydrating Face Mist (retail value $38+)
  • Regenerating Hyaluronic Cream (retail value $80+)
  • Revitalizing Face Polish (retail value $38+)
  • Firming & Brightening Rejuvenation Serum (retail value $58+)

Students will receive a detailed class handout that includes instructions, formulas and a valuable list of Marla's favorite places to buy ingredients and supplies.

Part 1 Theory, Ingredients, Market Research, Creating Your Products

Part 2 Making of the Four Products with Marla, Formulation Guidelines, Labeling and Pricing

Course Investment: $24

Class Location: Online. Students will receive a link for Part 1 and Part 2 webinars in addition to two valuable handouts with formulas, supplier information, formulating guidelines, labeling information, FDA requirements, pricing and more.

You will receive a link via email from Marla to attend the class. Depending on time of day and day of week, it may take us a few hours to send you the link. We email you personally, as this is not an automated service. Thank you for your patience! If you have a Gmail account, it will send email confirmations and class link to your spam/junk folder. 

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