Equinox Gate Soul Session


Join intuitive soul coach Marla Bosworth for this 60 minute, one-on-one phone or Zoom session. Marla will guide you to make your own powerful shifts to make way for what is arriving in your life at this time.

What's arriving from Equinox through August 2021 is a heightened sense of rebirth throughout the collective. The incoming energy feelslike a swift and powerful current. All that no long aligns is simply falling away. How are you personally navigating this incoming energy? Each and every moment requires mastery of embodying your own truth and sovereignty. This session is intended to ease the transition and help you with what is arising in your inner and outer world.

When we are open to seeing more of our own divine truth and what may be needed as "found pieces" by our own soul destiny journey, then we drop density and allow for more light within our physical body. More light moves us into higher trajectories and experiences in our journey. Together we create a safe, supportive sacred space. 

Marla reflects your higher self to assist in guiding you on your own journey as you embody your own divine truth and sovereignty. 

One-Hour Session:  $98 Special Pricing Through April 7. (Regular Rate $144.)

Class Location:
Phone, Facetime or Zoom

Marla is booking within 48 hours. Please request your date/time/time zone when you check out. 

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