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Ready to kick your business into success mode in three months with a mentor by your side? I'm a seasoned formulator and indie beauty coach who is passionate about mentoring entrepreneurs! 

Ready to strategize your goals for 2023? In this one-hour, online Zoom coaching and mentorship consultation, Marla Bosworth will share her experience with 25 years in the beauty business to help you with your business goals and strategies. Marla will pinpoint opportunities that you may be overlooking for ultimate business growth. Tap into Marla's knowledge for advice on product positioning, business strategies, marketing, private label, wholesale, retail stores, retail shows, trade shows, product formulation, teaching workshops, corporate events and more.

In this customized session we will discuss your business, products and services. What are areas that perhaps you need to let go? What are opportunities you may not have even considered that feel more in alignment with you and your brand? Marla will simplify and prioritize the direction and steps to take and an overview of action. In addition there will be time to talk about the products you will be making, pricing, packaging and labeling, marketing, sales and more. 

Upon signup you will receive a welcome email from Marla for your session and a request for an agenda prior to the session to make the most of your time together.

Date & Time: Please check Marla's scheduling calendar here. Payment can be made directly on the booking site.

Agenda: Marla will ask that you email her an agenda that you would like covered during your session. This can be a simple list of topics. It is helpful to give a short summary prior to your session via email as to where you are in your business stage, what you feel are your challenges, and what you most need help troubleshooting and planning with during the call. This will set you up for a productive session so that Marla can help you plan, soundboard, strategize and map out your gameplan to get you re-energized, refocused and renewed for putting your very own gifts into action!

Recording and Followup: Clients can request for a copy of Zoom session recording (please inform Marla prior to the session).

Bio: Marla Bosworth is an Indie Beauty Coach and Plant-based Workshop Instructor. She coaches entrepreneurs in the personal care products industry through consulting sessions and in-person formulation workshops throughout the U.S.  Marla is an advisor to U.S. indie beauty brands. She implements market research to determine growth opportunities for various beauty segments. She is a brand connector with loyal following across social media platforms. Marla leads monthly New York City indie beauty workshops in entrepreneurship, marketing and beauty product formulation. She is a branding and business speaker at indie beauty conferences and wellness events.

Session:  $300    $150 limited time scheduling through January 15. You may book into 2023 to receive discounted pricing. Payments must be made by January 15, 2023 at midnight Mountain Standard Time.

Class Location:
Zoom or phone with Marla.

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