Masterclass: Organic Facial Skincare Beauty Products - Jan. 30


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Join Marla Bosworth in this evening workshop and customize your own highly effective, plant-based, clean beauty products for the face. Many consumers are disappointed in the results of overpriced facial skincare products and the lack of natural ingredients they contain. In this 3-hour intensive class (which sounds like a long time to learn, but students say it is super fun and goes by quick just in case you were wondering!), you will learn how to make your own natural plant-based, clean beauty products.

Marla will share many natural and effective ingredients available. Students will learn how to make their own cosmetic formulations including how to determine ingredient usage percentages, working with preservatives, where to buy supplies and ingredients, how to store ingredients, how to package and label your products, how to price your products and more. By the end of class you will be on your way to making your own skincare products that will keep your face looking young and revitalized. 

In this class we are going to discuss how to retain our most youthful appearance. We will discuss what determines "clean beauty" products - the hype and the myth. Students will learn how our environment, emotions and diet all play an integral role of our outer beauty. Whether it is fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and dryness, dullness and uneven skin tone, loss of firmness and elasticity we will take a look at which ingredients are most effective. 

No prior experience is necessary. This class is intended for beginner through advanced. These face products are for both women and men and we will cover how to specialize them for both. Dry skin? Oily skin? Combo or problem skin? No worries! Marla will guide you in formulating for your specific skin type.

We will cover the essentials of formulating the products made in class, and options for tweaking the formulas to suit your very own skincare needs. Students will learn where to purchase anti-aging, natural ingredients as well as the healing properties of plant oils, herbs and other botanicals.  You'll love the price markup on these products if you make natural skincare to sell. If you don't have a business, you'll love the money saving benefit of making your own face products.

We'll be making distinctively different formulations that have a retail value of $164. Students will take home full-size samples of the four products we make from scratch in class:

  • Exoliating Face Polish (retail value $24)
  • Moisturizing Year-round Face Mist/Toner (retail value $24)
  • Face Cream (retail value $58)
  • Facial Serum (retail value $58)

Students will receive a detailed class handout that includes instructions, formulas and a valuable list of Marla's favorite places to buy ingredients, supplies and equipment.

Expectations: As with anything we learn, we begin the process and learn from how we apply it ourselves. Marla suggests that students plan to make their own products from class, and tweak however they would like, within a week or two of taking the workshop. Cosmetic formulation is to be applied to remember practical theories you will learn in class. Marla says even though she has been making her own beauty products for 22 years that she remain curious and open to learning more every day. Keep your own curiousity, fun and exploration as you create your own recipes!

Date: Thursday, January 30

Time: 6 - 9 p.m.

Course: $168 early bird through December 15. Then regular rate of $188.

Class Location:
Little Shop of Crafts
711 Amsterdam Ave. at 94th Street, New York City

Please note that due to rental space contracts and travel logistics, we cannot offer any refunds or credits if you need to cancel your attendance. If you would like to send someone else in attendance, please give us 24-hour advance notice.

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