White Sage Handmade Soap



1 Bar $12

Ingredients: saponified oils of olive, coconut, rice bran with shea butter and essential oils.

Each bar 4 oz. | Handcrafted

Plant elder white sage (salvia apiana) powerfully transmutes lower energies with the frequency of divine masculine warrior wisdom. I burn it often as a smudge to clear and invoke sacred space. Yesterday white sage made its way to my soaping studio, thoughtfully brought in by my daughter who carried sage, cedar and sagebrush as inspiration for my recent creative endeavors.

This light-infused, white sage shea butter soap can help release low vibrational energy and patterns. Use it to assist with clearing, purification and protection. This is a perfect clearing soap for empaths who need to clear energy from being around others or to help set the intention for setting strong personal boundaries.

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