Virtual Masterclass: Design Your Own Natural Wax Candles-Jan. 31


~Beginner through Advanced Intermediate Class~

This is a virtual candlemaking class taught by Marla Bosworth. In this small class students will design their own natural wax candles. Students will receive a candlemaking kit, as well as lifetime access to supplemental virtual candlemaking classes. It is helpful, but not required, to view the online class prior to the workshop. (Please note that candlemaking kits will be shipped within the U.S. Total time for the class is 4 hours and includes recorded, learn-at-your-own pace lessons, the candlemaking session and an additional 30-minute live Q&A session.

Much thought and consideration should go into developing a line of candles. Marla has been manufacturing and selling candles for 22 years and will cover the many natural waxes on the market, how to determine which wax is right for you, how to create safe candles, getting cold and hot throws, colors, testing, insurance/liability requirements, labeling requirement, resources for packaging (containers, boxes, labels, wax/wicks, colorants) and much more.

Natural wax candles are a wonderful addition to any indie beauty line or as a launch product. As you know, they add incredible warmth, fragrance and charm to any environment. In this hands-on workshop you will make your own candles, learn how to create candles in glass containers, choose your own scents. If you are interested in making candles to sell or as a craft for gifts or favors, this class is for you!

Join Marla Bosworth and learn to design your own coconut wax and soywax candles. Marla will share her expertise in blending fragrances that provide beautiful hot and cold "throw" and aroma. 

This workshop is intended for students to have fun exploring different scents while creating their very own candles. Students will choose their own scents and colors for each candle - one for coconut and one for soy wax. If you are developing a line of candles note that there is much research and education that needs to happen prior to selling and launching your candle line for the safety of consumers and for the liability of yourself and your business. 

Signup for this workshop also includes access to Marla's online candle class that students can watch and learn at their own pace. The online class goes into depth about choosing wicks, wax, required labeling, pricing and insurance (for those wishing to sell), testing and much more, leaving us with more experiental time in the live workshop for you to design your own candles.

This class is perfect for newbies, spa owners, estheticians, green beauty entrepreneurs, massage therapist and for those who are currently making candles, but unsure if they are making them properly or need to troubleshoot wicks, candle burn, etc. 

You'll receive an emailed information-packed handout with detailed instructions, formulas, formulating guidelines and a valuable supplier list that is worth the class alone.

Students will design two completely own unique coconut and soy wax candles in beautiful glass jars by choosing their own color, essential oil blends and more. If you have an existing beauty business, or are launching one, you'll love how these candles easily cross-sell with the rest of your line. 

Marla creates highly experiential workshops - a holistic perspective of learning by transforming new and ancient wisdom. If you've ever attended her classes you know she creates a positive, supportive learning environment that is educational and also fun.

Bio: Marla Bosworth is the CEO of Back Porch Soap Company. She has been creating clean beauty products for 22 years. 

Date: Sunday, January 31

Time: 3 pm Eastern/2 pm Central/1 pm Mountain/Noon Pacific

Course Investment:  $168 includes class and candlemaking kit shipped to your door. Class fee includes materials, supplies, ingredients and a valuable handout with recipes, formulation tips, instructions and a list of our favorite suppliers. 

Class Location:
Online via Zoom. Classes will be recorded and students will receive access to recordings.

Refund and Return Policy: Due to the non-returnable nature of Virtual Classes and Recorded Online Learning Workshops, they are non-refundable. We welcome your feedback and are always open to hearing your suggestions and answering any questions. Email is the best way to reach us.

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