Brand New! Natural Anti-aging Skincare Formulations Ebook


Learn to formulate your own natural and effective anti-aging beauty products for the face to add to your indie beauty business or to make and give as gifts to family members and friends. This ebook will cover theory and formulation of natural skincare. By the end of class students will gain knowledge and understanding of how to formulate a variety of skincare products (water-based and oil-based) for various skin types, ethnicities and gender identities.

The ingredients used in this class range from actives, antioxidants, emulsifiers, plant oils, peptides, collagen, hyaluronic acid, plant botanicals, seaweed/marine extracts, natural preservatives and more.  These products are intended for all skin types. 

You will learn to make four fabulous face products that rival leading products on the market today:

  • Regenerative Face Serum
  • Eye Firming and Brightening Treatment
  • Botanical Cleanser
  • Night Treatment Cream

The products in this ebook are intended to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, give a more youthful and radiant appearance to the skin, illuminate and refine the skin, fade scars and dark spots, help puffiness and under eye darkness. You'll learn how to firm, tone and smooth your skin and much more.

This ebook is written by Marla Bosworth, CEO of Back Porch Soap Company. She shares her knowledge and experience of 24 years as a plant-based skincare product formulator. 

This is intended for aromatherapists, massage therapists, spa owners, handmade soap and indie beauty entrepreneurs and for anyone who wants to make incredibly good-for-your-body products. No prior experience is necessary. 

This class is open to beginners through advanced beauty makers. Students will receive a class handout that includes instructions, formulas and a valuable list of Marla's favorite places to buy materials, supplies and equipment.

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