Custom Green Beauty Formulation Services


If you're looking for custom green beauty formulations for personal use, your practice or for your company and products, you've come to the right place. Marla Bosworth is known in the indie beauty industry for her organic, natural, effective and safe cosmetic formulation services. She has been formulating for 20 years for indie beauty businesses of all sizes. She also brings 30 years experience as a market research analyst and retail sales expert. Marla is at your service for cosmetic, perfume and soap formulation. For an additional fee, Marla may travel to your location and formulate on-site with you (please inquire for details).

This consultancy is perfect for entrepreneurs developing their own line of products as well as beauty businesses who desire specialized blends. 

Marla offers cosmetic formulation using natural ingredients. Her passion is formulating within the following criteria:

Essential Oils 
Cruelty-Free Ingredients
Intention-based Formulating

Together you will custom-tailor the project to fit your needs and application (perfume, soap, skincare products, haircare, candles and more). Marla has consulted with students from around the globe - from Ghana, South Africa, to Germany, Chile, Guatemala, Ireland, Venezuela, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos, Israel, Columbia, Ireland, Spain & from around the United States just to name a few. Marla is well-known in the indie beauty industry and has spoken numerous times at the Handcrafted Soapmakers and Cosmetics Guild Conference.

Formulation packages range from $1200 and up. We would love to work with you! Please inquire and determine whether we are a good fit with your project, please contact us at 781.934.8100 or via email at