Beauty Shift: Indie Beauty Business & Soul Expansion - May 26


This is a brand new workshop taking place the evening of Friday, May 26. Join Marla Bosworth to create a brand new plan, new mindset and significant sales for your business. There is a lot of supportive and breakthrough energy arriving this month to guide us personally, as well as in our business dreams and ambitions. We will discuss how to harness energy and consciously create within your business going forward.

This masterclass is for entrepreneurs at all levels - from those who have yet to launch their business to someone who has been in the industry for a decade or more. It's designed to help you align with your authentic soul purpose and destiny. For some it might mean your business needs to change directions. For others, it may need an overhaul. And for those who haven't launched yet, it is directional guidance.

You'll learn from Marla, bath and beauty product formulator and market research analyst, who launched Back Porch Soap Company 19 years ago. She is known in the indie beauty industry for her sage personal and business coaching. In addition to formulating cosmetics for business all sizes and teaching workshops all over the U.S., she has also launched and ran two brick-and-mortar retail stores in Boston, Massachusetts and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Students will learn from Marla's 30 years experience as a market research analyst, retail buyer, wholesaler, and indie beauty brand owner. Marla weaves her knowledge as a shamanic healer, intuitive, empath and Reiki Master into all of her teaching.

Significant changes are happening in 2017 to the indie beauty industry. These changes are setting up for new trends and a new way to do business this year and beyond.

Join Marla and learn:

  • The Energy of Your Indie Beauty Brand
  • Showcasing YOU in your Brand
  • What to Expect for the Beauty Market Beyond 2017
  • Why Many Indie Beauty Brands Will Soon Be "Invisible"
  • Creating in New Energies
  • Organic Growth of Your Business
  • Being Your Own Media Publicist 
  • What You Can Learn from my recent New York Times Interview
  • Social Media Hotspots - Finding the Buzz
  • The New Age of Wholesale (It's Changing and How to Adapt)
  • How to Increase Retail and Wholesale Sales

Date: Friday, May 26

Time: 6-9 p.m.

Class Location: Little Shop of Crafts

Cost: $125 early-bird pricing until May 15, then regular rate of $250.

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