Organic & Herbal Haircare Workshop Payment Plan


This is a two-part payment plan for the New York City Natural Haircare Workshop on Saturday, July 8.
The convenience fee for the payment plan is $40, bringing the total price for the course to $536.

The first payment will hold your spot. The second payment is due on July 1.

We also accept Paypal credit which offers six-month financing at 0%. This is not a credit card. It's a great option if you wish to defer your payment six months or pay in six-month installments. To choose this option, put the full payment of $498 in your cart. At checkout choose "Paypal" and from there follow prompts to "Paypal Credit." If Paypal credit doesn't show up for you, please contact Paypal, as we do not have any control over their offers based on credit history or credit scores.