Your Very Own Energetic Natural Perfume - Private Session


This is a private session in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with Marla Bosworth. Please contact us before booking your session so that we may guarantee that your date and time is available. Blending sessions are done at your choice of location, including Marla's home with Teton views.

This is a brand new, sacred hands-on journey experience offered by Marla Bosworth. She is a spiritual healer and a Master Alchemist, blending essential oils for 20 years.

Marla has been divinely guided to offer this aromatic journey as well as guided to choose the high-quality, precious essential oils for this session.

In this spiritually and energetically-inspired session, you will learn how to work with the Divine to set heart-based intentions (abundance, love, healing, business success, guidance, trust, and more). You will create a personalized perfume with Marla's guidance that energetically matches your intentions. As you wear your bespoke perfume you will invoke the energetic codes set within by you and the Divine. Please come open-minded as this is as much an spiritual energy healer-guided session as a natural perfume class.

This session is intended for anyone - fro beginning and experienced perfumers as well as healers, lightworkers, massage therapists, yoga enthusiasts, and those interested in alchemy, energy healing, sacred energy and natural perfumes. 

Marla will share what she has been doing for a lifetime as an alchemist. It began when she was a child in central Illinois and would create infusions with botanicals found walking in the woods, forgaging in fields or in her parents garden. Later in life when she created her botanical beauty company she began creating soaps in Massachusetts and captured the energy of the Atlantic ocean and Cape Cod in her bodycare line. Then she moved onto Jackson Hole, Wyoming where she worked with the energy of wild animals, the Rocky Mountains and the plethora of botanicals growing in the valley.

Customers would come into her store and tell her how her products envoked memories of hiking on trails in Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park. They would hold the soap - some knowing and others not - that the vibrational frequency in the soap brought memories and oftentimes emotional healing.

Marla creates highly experential sessions - a holistic perspective of learning by transforming new information. If you've ever attended any of her classes you know the energy she creates is positive, supportive, educational and fun.

Marla is the CEO of Back Porch Soap Company. She has been making green beauty products and soap for 20 years. She is a Reiki Master, intuitive and spiritual healer based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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